Power Plate MOVE Vibration Platform


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The MOVE by Power Plate is the perfect combination of size and function. Its base has been designed from the ground up to save as much space as possible without compromising a shred of performance. It’s light enough to be moved from room to room, yet sturdy enough to support a full 300lbs. Complete with six variable frequency modes, the MOVE can cover a wide range of functionality. Whether you want to achieve a relaxing massage or a gut-busting, sweat-inducing workout; the MOVE is efficient and effective no matter how you choose to use it.

The controls are simple and intuitive with large, easy-to-understand buttons and a digital timer, which has been fully reimagined to count up to a full nine minutes, so all you need to do is press play to get things started.

The MOVE can also be used in light commercial/shared group exercise settings for fitness facilities seeking to provide compelling group exercise experiences to their members but face space-constraint challenges.

Power Plate MOVE Vibration Platform Features

  • PrecisionWave™ Technology: High-fidelity harmonic vibration system that provides uncompromising performance for unsurpassed results
  • Space efficient and portable. Low profile, easy to store under a bed or in a closet
  • Compact solution but with large platform area to promote exercise variety
  • Patented multidirectional vibration helps boost recovery time
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use with simple 4-button controls
  • Maximize results and achieve a compete workout in only 15 minutes

Perfect Combination of Size and Function

Offering intuitive funtionalities, light enough to be moved from room to to room and with six variable frequency modes, the MOVE can cover a wide range of uses.

At Home Use

For those wanting to enjoy the benefits of vibration training at home and desire a large platform surface area but have limited space and a need to move equipment when not in use. The MOVE is an affordable, intuitive and effective solution from Power Plate, the global leader in whole body vibration.

Light Commercial Use

The MOVE is the perfect solution for light commercial fitness facilities wanting to incorporate vibration training into their shared/multipurpose rooms but have space constraints. Weighing in at 82 pounds, the MOVE is portable to allow those facilities the ability to 'reset' their rooms quickly.

Get a Complete Fitness Experience with the Power Plate app

The Power Plate app is a great resource to ensure you have a world-class experience with your Power Plate products and vibration training. The Power Plate MOVE is designed to be used with the app, available for free at the Apple App and Google Play stores.

  • Take OnDemand Power Plate classes
  • Explore training courses, movements and elite workouts
  • Access over 200 videos that will help you with any stage of your routine (preparation, performance or recovery)
  • Also learn how to get the most out your Power Plate or targeted vibration handheld product

The app will assist you with whole body vibration training as you will get complete, full-body workouts incorporating stretch, balance, core, strength-building and massage, all in only as little as 15 minutes.

And it is not over : the YouTube channel also gives you access to a comprehensive library of resources, training videos, tips and workout lessons. There is an infinite number of low-impact exercises you can achieve with your MOVE to prepare faster, perform better and recover quicker. All this always updated !

What's Included with the Power Plate MOVE

  • Hand straps (set of 2). The straps can tighten to the platform for various programs and workouts.
  • Remote control. To easily select between 6 intensity levels, start and pause the MOVE.
  • Rubber Mat. For smooth and comfortable training when placing your hands and forearms on the platform and stepping on it.
  • Power Cord. To use the harmonic vibration system for better results.
  • Quick Start Guide and Instructions for Use.

Power Plate MOVE Vibration Exercise Machine Specifications

Colors Red or Silver
Dimensions (W x D x H) 30in x 24in x 9in / 77cm x 61cm x 23cm
Weight 87lbs / 39.5kg
Power Supply 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Nominal Power in Operation 250-285W, Universal Voltage
Maximum Load 300lbs
Operation User-friendly interactive display
Precision Wave Technology High quality harmonic vibration system that provides uncompromising performance for unsurpassed results
Frequency/ Pre-set Frequencies 6 Levels – (30-40Hz H/L), LED buttons indicate levels 1-6 (1=30Hz Low, 2=35Hz Low, 3=40Hz Low, 4=30Hz High, 5=35Hz High, 6=40Hz High)
Time Selections 30s or 60s presets accessible via remote control or up to 9 minutes continusouly
Amplitude / Vibration Setting 5Hz increments
Static Straps Yes
Resistance Cables No
Remote Control Yes
Recommended for Residential, Light-Commercial
Certifications CE, UL pending
Warranty 3 years hardware / 1 year electronics / 1 year labor

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