Capti Smart & Interactive Exercise Bike

Are you looking for the most immersive and versatile bike available on the market? The Capti Smart Bike provides both an unmatched virtual riding experience and the feeling of a premium spin bike with a 24in 1080p touchscreen.

Either get into studio cycling class mode and follow the instructors on the screen, or challenge yourself in virtual road maps with dynamically movable handlebars and shifters to change gears.

Included: 1 Year All-Access Membership ($408 Value)

✅ Included: Unlimited access to the Studio SWEAT on Demand app ($189 Value)

✅ Included: Personal bike training session and VIP onboarding with Capti coach

🔄 Industry Best Warranty: Commercial grade & 1 year parts, 1 year labor

✅ Requires No Assembly: Ships fully assembled and is easily transportable with wheels


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Experience the luxury of 2 bikes in 1 with the Capti Smart & Interactive Indoor Cycle

The Capti Smart Bike is 2 bikes in 1 - enjoy all the benefits from both a road and a spin bike.

It is the only indoor bike with a Gates CDX High-Performance Drive Train found on outdoor performance road bikes.

Benefit from the wholly interactive aspects of the Expresso virtual bikes and gamification that have been adopted onto a high-end spin bike platform.

You will get the best feeling road or spin bike on the market.

Those are 2 different feeling bikes, and Capti provides both based simply on what the user selects on the screen.

Spinners will get a fixed flywheel/crank with locked handlebars, while outdoor cyclists will get a non-fixed/freewheel crank and dynamically steering handlebars - all via the Smart Ride Technology on the 24in 1080p touchscreen.

It adjusts the bike to whatever ride you choose so if your fitness goal includes a virtual ride, you can steer and the pedals glide just like riding a bike. When you take a studio cycling class, both the steering and flywheel are fixed just like a spin bike.

Combine that with virtual shifting and the content. You'll become immersed and enjoy the freedom of riding your smart bike and discovering new adventures.

Find below a video of all the features and advantages of interactive biking you will get. Note: the video features the Expresso bikes but you will get the same content from the All-Access membership. However your Capti Smart Bike is superior!

The Smart Ride™ Technology and Terrain Adaptive Resistance™️ adjust your ride 50 times per second

These patent-pending innovations dynamically adjust your ride 50 times per second to whatever ride you choose. The immersive content brings back the joy and freedom of riding your bike.

An innovative dual drive

It auto-configures steering and flywheel to match the workout selected by the rider to deliver an immersive experience.

The way your flywheel responds to your pedals has the power to transform your bike into a road bike or a studio bike.

On a road bike, your momentum keeps your wheels moving even when you stop pedaling (this is called freewheel).

And on a studio bike, you have to keep pedaling at all times to keep your flywheel moving (this is called fixed gear).

The dual drive in your bike switches how your flywheel responds to your pedals based on the type of activity you select.

Control your ride with the handlebars and shifters

The handlebars on this cycle are designed to support the common hand positions of outdoor bikes and studio cycling bikes. Your handlebars will automatically lock in place or allow you to steer depending on the type of activity you have selected.

Handlebars seen from top with 32 degrees arrows

Your shifters control the gear of your bike which has 30 gears. The higher the gear the higher the resistance. Press the shifter on the right to raise your gear and increase resistance. Press the shifter on your left to lower your gear and decrease your resistance.

Close up of the handlebars and shifters

Capti Virtual Reality Stationary Bike Features and Benefits

  • Immersive 24” touchscreen. The largest screen on the market today delivers rich high performance 3D video game graphics. It will pull you into your ride while intuitive onscreen options allow you to customize your experience. The glossy finish provides the best possible image quality in 1080p. Roads, games, studio classes playback in full definition so you can completely immerse yourself in your workout.
  • Join the community. Become part of a large and vibrant community of 3 million registered riders. See where you land on the leaderboard, chase your pacer, your ghost or your friends.
  • Connect and achieve your goals. Get motivated by advanced metrics. Challenge the ghosts of your past rides or the rides of your friends. Push yourself and other Members up the Leaderboard. These advantages are brought to you via the all-access membership which is unmatched on the market (more details below).
  • Immersive game-inspired content. Built on Epic Games Unreal Engine, the ever growing library of content has something for everyone at every level; fun coin capturing games to world class virtual cycling courses and heart rate training to step up your fitness.
  • Studio grade durability. Commercial grade construction, with a modern state-of-the-art design for home use and tested for riders up to 350 lbs. This smart bike is made to last.
  • Oversized phone tray. The oversized phone tray can hold phones as large as the iPhone 13 pro max with most cases. The tray location simulates the position of most bike computers for good visibility and easy access to your device while riding.
Close up of the oversized phone tray

Get Unlimited Content with the All-Access Membership

Yourself and the entire family can ride, challenge and compete against each other with the ever-growing library of virtual cycling, heart rate training, studio cycling, and game content.

You can train in 4 different ways:

  1. Virtual cycling
  2. Games
  3. Heart rate training
  4. Studio cycling with the SWEAT app.

All this is possible with our All-Access Membership which covers 10 family members for $34/month.

Can kids use the cycle as well?

Absolutely! Our smart bike is designed to comfortably fit all body types from 4'7" (140cm) to 6'7" (200cm). Simply adjust the seat up or down, then front to back, and raise or lower the touchscreen to your eye level. They'll be ready to take on their next adventure chasing dragons, coin collecting, and discovering new worlds!

Two kids using the Capti Smart Exercise Bike

Your All-Access membership includes:

  • 50 roads, 20,000+ feet of elevation, and 350+ miles of stunning graphics.
  • A full suite of open gaming worlds with unlimited challenges and areas to explore.
  • A new set of studio classes every week on your bike. And for home bike owners, unlimited access to the Studio SWEAT on Demand App for off-bike workouts.

Whether you're unlocking new levels of games, exploring new rides or trying a studio cycling class, there's always something new and exciting on your bike to explore.

Enjoy virtual reality cycling

Rides range from easy to extreme; mountaintops to under the sea and even some that are literally out of this world. Whatever you're in the mood for, we have a ride for that.

You power your avatar through 350 plus miles of roads and stunning graphics across 50 maps, 20,000 feet of elevation.

Unlocking new personal records with each ride, or chasing your friend's ghost of their personal best!

Rides range from easy to extreme; mountaintops to under the sea and even some that are literally out of this world!

Avatar road riding with dinosaurs

Enter gaming bike mode

3 different worlds to explore, multiple levels to unlock and no set path to take gives you limitless ways to play and get fit. Worldwide leaderboards will show you how you stack up globally or even just for bragging rights in your home.

Heart rate training

Get the benefit of structured training with our interactive heart rate training program by world-class MOi Cycle training method.

It is designed to maximize your output and performance based on your heartrate you will be amazed by the progress you make.

You will be amazed by the progress you make.

Connect your heart rate monitor and ride to keep your heart rate in the zone, and your cadence to the beat of the music. See below to learn more about MOi Cycle structured training.

MOi Cycle training link:

Your bike will work with any and all heart rate monitors that support the galactically accepted Bluetooth heart rate standards. These include but are not limited to:

  • Garmin
  • Whoop
  • Wahoo
  • MyZone
  • Scosche
  • Polar
  • HiFiT
  • Powr Labs
  • CooSpo
  • moofit
  • Amazfit

Some popular devices do not support the galactic standards and want to keep your heart rate info confined to their planet. Those of us at Capti hope that one day these devices join the galactic alliance.

These devices include but are not limited to:

  • Apple
  • FitBit

Professional Studio Cycling

Over 100+ instructor-led studio cycling classes delivered to your living room by partner Studio SWEAT OnDemand.

How is it different? What sets it apart from Peloton or Zwift?

A superior technology

We offer a true smart bike that reads and reacts to the rider 50 times per second, taking data from the type of workout, virtual steering, virtual shifting, and dynamic terrain resistance. It's a unique patent-pending smart bike that automatically converts from:

  • An outdoor bike with steering, shifting, and terrain adaptive resistance when you want to cycle.
  • A commercial class studio cycle with fixed handlebars and fixed pedals when you want to explore instructor-led spinning.
Capti Smart & Interactive Bike and a close up of its pedals

It is the complete solution

This smart bike and content combine to deliver an immersive fitness experience across multiple fitness modes (virtual cycling, heart-rate training, studio cycling, and fitness games). It uses high-performance 3D video game level graphics that equate to a deeply engaging workout experience like playing video games!

The workouts are for the entire family

From virtual cycling to spin to HIIT games. There's something for everyone.
If you bundled all the great content that Capti offers on your own it would cost over $60/month.

For example, a Zwift subscription is $15/month and requires a bike and smart trainer. Peloton is $39/month and gaming memberships start at $5/month.

Whereas the All-Access Membership covers 10 family members for only $34/month.

An elegant design for a high-quality bike

Mirroring the experience of riding a bike outdoors or riding in a studio that deserves to be in your home.

Capti Smart & Interactive Cycle Specifications

 Dimensions Fully Extended (LxHxW) 62" x 63" x 23.5" and Collapsed for Packaging (LxHxW) 51" x 39.5" x 23.5"
Weight 175 lbs
Height range 4’11” - 6’6”
Weight limit
350 lbs
Materials Steel frame with anodized aluminium
Fitness content Virtual Cycling, Heart Rate Training, Games, Studio, Pedal

24-inch screen with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution.

10 point PCAP touch, 1.6 M Colors, 1000:1 Contrast Ratio, 500 cd/m2 Brightness and 89 degree viewing angle
Toughened back printed glass for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Antimicrobial coating to help reduce the spread of germs.

CPU/Graphics AMD Ryzen 5
Flywheel modes Fixed gear
Virtual momentum
Magnetic resistance 30 continuous gears
Auto adjusts to the grade on the screen
Handlebars Virtual steering & shifting
Studio locking
Adjustable height
Upright, forward & drop
Drive train Dual Resolution Magnetic Pedal Cadence Sensor
Single Resolution Magnetic Flywheel Cadences Sensor
Gates Belt drive system for quiet smooth pedaling with no slippage
Connectivity & bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0-enabled for audio and heart-rate monitors
Wireless: WiFi 802.11n+
Wired: Gigabit LAN+
Heart rate Bluetooth heart rate support with most of the brands on the market
Electrical 110-volt standard outlet;
60Hz; Power (Max): TBDW, TBDA;
Power (Avg): TBDW (TBDA);
Power (Idle): TBDW (TBDmA)
Pedals SPD Dual-Purpose Pedals
Interchangeable with any standard pedal set
Saddle Fully adjustable both up/down & forward/back
Interchangeable with any bike seat


Capti Smart Bike User Manual

For additional information such as user instructions, safety precautions, recommended usage and more, refer to the Capti Smart Bike User Manual or click the icon below.

Capti Smart Bike User Manual

Capti Smart & Interactive Bike Warranty

We stand behind our product with a 1-year full parts and labor warranty. We have a fully trained technical support team available to help with any questions, issues, or concerns.

HD Touchscreen & Computer: 12 Months

Against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from the date of original delivery.

Frame: 5 Years

Against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of five years from the date of original delivery (excluding any moving parts attached to the structural frame).

Components: 12 Months

Components and all original parts of the smart bike other than pedals, including the belt, drive train, seatpost, handlebars and water bottle holder, against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from the date of original delivery.

Labor: 12 Months

Will cover the labor cost for the repair or replacement made under this Limited Warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of original delivery.

How does my Warranty work?

Your Warranty begins once your bike has been installed and your All-Access Membership has been activated. Bikes must be on surge protection and connected to the internet with an active All-Access Membership in order to be covered.

What is covered by my Warranty?

Capti Warranty coverage is the strongest in the home fitness industry. It includes one year of parts, touchscreen and computer coverage and one year of labor. Basic wear & tear parts are also covered for 90 days after installation. Basic wear and tear parts include seats, pedals, pedal straps.

What is not covered by my Warranty?

If something breaks that is easy to fix, we will send you the part at no charge but the associated labor will not be covered. Self-installable parts include, but are not limited to seats, seat knobs, pedals and pedal straps.

Any damage, failure, or loss caused by accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, theft, or failure to follow instructions or warnings in the owner's manual.

Setup and maintenance of a reliable network and internet connection is the responsibility of the customer.

What will void my Warranty?

You must have an active All-Access Membership during your Warranty period in order to be covered.

Make sure you keep your bikes on surge protectors. This is included with your power supply. Your Warranty will be voided if the product is ever plugged into a power source that is not surge protected.

Keep your product clean. Your Warranty will be voided if the product is not kept clean and in a dust-free environment or submerged.

Talk to our support team. If a customer elects to repair a defective product by themselves, or use the services of someone other than a Capti authorized dealer and/or service provided, or if the customer uses a replacement part not supplied by Capti, then Capti will not be liable for any damage, failure or loss caused by the use of such unauthorized service or parts.​

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