Enlighten Sauna Professional Installation & White Glove Delivery

Let the pros handle the installation of your Enlighten sauna in only a few hours and enjoy your sauna without getting your hands dirt.

ⓘ Eligibility: The service is only available for Enlighten Saunas. Contact us if you want professional installation for saunas from other brands.

ⓘ Exception: Installers are not responsible for the electrical portion of the installation. We suggest you have a licensed electrician to take care of the electrical portion.

ⓘ Exception: Location where the sauna will be installed must be on a solid and flat leveled surface that will not flood (no soil, loose dirt, grass, etc.). Recommendation: not limited to having concrete poured over the desired area, placing it over a wood deck area or else. Installers are not responsible for that.

ⓘ Pricing: Pricing of $1,850 is a starting installation price. Final invoice will be sent to you to confirm installation. More information on pricing below on this page.


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Let experts take care of the installation of your Enlighten Sauna

Do you simply want to enjoy your Enlighten sauna without the hassle of assembling and getting your hands dirty?

We are proud to offer a Professional Installation & White Glove Delivery service with the purchase of your Enlighten sauna.

Experts that have already assembled dozens of Enlighten saunas will take care of the full assembly and installation of your sauna. From taking pieces off the pallets, sorting out all the and parts, carefully applying sealant between panels to having all the necessary tools and so much more...

Enlighten Sauna Professional Installation: How does it work?

Please read carefully the steps and requirements below to benefit from this premium service.

Step 1. Add to your cart the "product" Enlighten Sauna Professional Installation - or contact us upon placing an order to get an invoice. More information below in the pricing structure.

Step 2. We send you a White Glove Installation Agreement document.

Step 3. You fill out the agreement and provide pictures and a video of a pathway and the location of the sauna placement.

Step 4. We send you the final quote.

Step 5. Customer makes full payment for the installation (sauna has already been paid in full).

Step 6. We will contact you to arrange the delivery and installation.

Step 7. Pros and experts take care of the installation and removal of packaging and pallets. After just a few hours, enjoy your Enlighten sauna! 

Enlighten Sauna Professional Installation Pricing Structure

Pricing structure below is only for information purposes - final quote will be sent to you upon receiving photos and video of pathway and sauna's final location.

Pricing depend on various factors:

  • Your location (state) in the US
  • The sauna model (indoor, outdoor, number of person, roof type, etc.)
  • The sauna's final location at your place (clearance around the sauna)
  • Access to the sauna's final location (stairs and hills to get to the sauna, 1 level, multi level, narrow access with trees or other natural or unnatural element in the way, etc.)
  • Any element which will make the installation longer - this is why we request pictures and videos...no surprise at delivery :).


Add to starting price depending on the sauna model...


3 Person Models
Add $200
4 Person Models Add $400
4 Corner Person Models Add $500
5 Person Models Add $600


And on top of this, add to starting price...


 You are located outside of California Add $900+
Anything making the delivery more complex (levels, stairs, hills, trees, restricted access, etc.) Variable
Clearance for the path to the sauna and the area where the sauna will be installed Variable



Important: Please be advised that if there are any obstacles, such as a blocked or obstructed path, or if there are any stairs or multiple levels, hills, or any type of challenges that we aren’t made aware of, you can be subject to additional charges. 


How to order the Enlighten Sauna Installation?

You may order the professional installation by one of the following "method".

 Method 1 Method 2


Add to cart with the purchase of your Enlighten sauna the Professional Installation service.

This will secure your installation service.

Upon purchasing your Enlighten sauna, contact us and ask for an invoice.


We will reach out to you as per the steps above (White Glove Installation Agreement document, final quote, etc.).

You must contact us 72 hours before your sauna leaves the warehouse.

Payment We will send you a final invoice with final quote for installation. We will send you a final invoice with final quote for installation.

We will **NOT** charge you the starting price. We will void this amount ($1,850) from the payment including your sauna and send you a final invoice instead.

You may contact us and ask for a quote a few days (or weeks if lead time longer) after your purchase. It is not mandatory to be the day you purchased the sauna.


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