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Introducing the world’s first folding percussion massage gun, the ReAthlete FOLD is designed to be your go-to personal, powerful, and portable solution for pain relief, recovery from workouts and gentle to deep tissue massages. It increases blood flow which can help reduce inflammation and muscle tension, relieve pain, and break up stubborn knots.

The FOLD massage gun features an innovative and ergonomic adjustable arm at 90 or 45 degrees to reach all those tough-to-reach spots effortlessly. It is designed to completely fold up and fit in any bag with ease. Or put it in the included premium hard case and keep it safe and secure with all its accessories and 5 interchangeable attachment heads.

Just like its predecessor from ReAthlete, the DEEP4s, it is lightweight, ergonomic, offers 4 different speeds and makes sure you get a deep tissue a satisfying massage with a stall force of 55 lbs. This percussion massager has a superior design so you can relieve your body, feel better and be the best version of yourself.

ReAthlete FOLD Percussive Massager Gun Features

  • Adjustable and Foldable Arm. 2-angle adjustable and rotating arm with multiple holding positions gives you full body reach, from your feet to your upper back and shoulders.
  • Powerful and Deep Massage. TheFOLD has a stroke of 12mm for satisfying massages even for the strongest athletes. The intense strokes vibrate deep inside each of your muscle groups.
  • 4 speeds. From warming-up your muscles to a deep massage, this massage gun offers different speeds for different needs (1200, 1800, 2400 and 3200 rpm).
  • Quiet Brushless Motor. Powerful but still less than 60dB noise level at highest speed. No more migraines while you massage.
  • Long Battery Life. Up to 5 hours of massage at lowest speed and 3 hours at highest speed. Enough to put in your bag and get multiple massages without always carrying the charger. The FOLD massager even indicates low battery level with 3-color LED lights.
  • Perfect for Professionals. Aluminium attachment heads for easy and repeated sanitation between treatments. Sold separately.

Ergonomic and Useful Folding Design

Rotating Adjustable Arm

For massages, the FOLD offers 2 adjustable positions, allowing you to reach any part of your body with ease due to multiple handling positions. Massage your lower and upper back yourself without any help.

Strong, Ergonomic and Comfortable Grip

Using this handheld percussive massager is convenient. Made with a special soft-touch and anti-slip coating, the handle is soft & easy on the hands, and at the same time the grip is solid and comfortable.

Compact Fold & Go Design

The FOLD is the world's first folding massage gun, allowing you to put it in virtually any bag in which other devices won't fit. Going to the gym? Traveling? Quickly putting it away somewhere around you? Its innovating folding design will make your life easier than ever.

The FOLD Massage Gun Gives You Full Control

A clear LCD screen on the massage gun allows you to control the intensity and customize for your needs. The massage gun has 4 different speed to suit every situation. Adjust the treatment to your needs. Lighter massage for sensitive areas of fast relief with deep and powerful strokes of the percussion mechanism.

  • Level 1, 20 Hz, 1200 rpm - For soft massages, sensitive areas and warm-ups.
  • Level 2, 30 Hz, 1800rpm - For medium massages, pertorals and larger areas and muscles relaxation.
  • Level 3, 40 Hz, 2400 rpm - For intense massages, ideal for glutes or back and lactic acid removal.
  • Level 4, 24 Hz, 3200 rpm - Unleash the massager at its highest mode for deep and powerful tissue massages.

ReAthlete FOLD Percussive Massage Gun Benefits

Recover Fast and Forget About Pain

Powerful massages stimulates blood flow and heat. Percussion treatments help overcome post-workout fatigue. Lay back, relax, and breathe as your sore muscles and painful knots melt away under the intense percussive massage.

Improve Your Performance

Activate your muscles, increase range of motion, improve flexibility with a simple 30-second massage per every muscle group. Percussive massage leads to enhanced muscle strength and improved muscle recovery. It also increases blood circulation to bring more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle, reducing muscle fatigue, and soreness. Significantly improve your athletic performance.

Reduce Stress

Release muscle tension and enjoy soothing percussive massage. The vibration movement not only relaxes your muscles but also creates a body wide sense of relaxation. Your physical relief will also help you feel invigorated to keep up your exercise regime.

ReAthlete FOLD Percussion Massage Gun Optional Accessories

Charging Station

Looking for convenient charging, easy access to the attachment heads or display in the corner of your desk? The charging stand is the perfect accessory for the FOLD massage gun.

Aluminium Head Kit

The 3 aluminium heads (bullet, fork and flat) are recommended if you need to clean the heads between sessions with different people, wish to put oil on your skin while using the percussive massager or need deeper massages. The FOLD always includes the 5 standard heads.

ReAthlete FOLD Percussion Massage Gun Specifications

Color Black or White
Stroke Length 12mm
Stall Force 55 lbs (at first power level)
Frequency 4 Levels (20, 30, 40, 54 Hz)
Speed 4 Levels (1200, 1800, 2400, 3200 RPM)
Noise Level 60 dB
Power 120W Max
AC Charger Input 100-240V - 50/60Hz, 39W
AC Charger Output 26V / 1.5A
Battery Type 2000 mAh Li-ion
Battery Voltage 24V DC
Operation Time 5 hours at lowest level, 3 hours at highest level
Charging Time 90 minutes
Attachments 5 heads included (medium round, large round, fork, flat, bullet)
Available Accessories 3 Aluminium Heads. Charging Station.
Warranty 1 Year

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