Squid Pump and Accessories

Squid Pump and Accessories' unique design provide effective treatment in just 15 minutes. Engineered to provide pain relief and aid injury and performance recovery. Squid Pump is here for you. 

Squid Pump's accessories include connector tube and charger. Being sold as individual products. 

Individual Products: Squid pump, connector tube, and charger

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ⓘ Squid Go intended for personal use only

ⓘ Squid Pro intended for sports teams and medical professionals


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Experience Optimum Sequential Intermittent Compression with the Squid Pump!

The portable and rechargeable Squid Pump provides intermittent air pressure to the air bladders within the wraps to create sequential intermittent compression. The inflation/deflation cycle times are automatically programmed to create the most effective treatment at any level of compression during the 15 minute treatment time.

For user comfort, the Squid Pump is programmed with 4 different compression modes, which have different peak pressure levels and inflation/deflation cycles. The pump's durable outside makes it easy for travel and cleaning without fear of damage.

Squid Pump Key features:
  • Small size and lightweight
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Offers 4 levels of compression

The Squid Pump Go & Squid Pump Professional

These two Squid Pumps have variations when it comes to uses.

The Squid Pump Go is designed for personal use that can be used for up to 15 treatments from a single charge.

While the Squid Pump Professional is designed for athletes and medical professionals. This Squid Pump Professional is good for up to 50 uses on one charge.

Other than these two variations, both Squid Pumps give the best benefits in muscle and joint relief, injury recovery and performance recovery.

 Squid Pump System

Squid Control Unit. Better by Design. Best Results and Benefits

Squid Goes with you

Squid lightweight (less than 1lb) rechargeable pump is also incredibly quiet, allowing you to enjoy treatment and pain relief almost anywhere.

Long-Lasting Battery

Enjoy up to 15 treatments (Squid Go) and 50 treatments (Squid Professional) from a single charge of Squid rechargeable pump.

One Pump, Six Wraps

All Squid wraps are designed to work with Squid portable pump, allowing you to add to your compression therapy system as needed.

Deep Cold Therapy Without the Cleanup

Our proprietary soft gel packs give you maximum cold and comfort without the mess of ice water.

Four Pre-Programmed Compression Modes

Receive effective treatment regardless of the compression level you choose.

Targeted Treatments

Our targeted body wraps and gel packs mean you can get pain relief exactly where you need it most.


Guy sitting on the bench with his Squid Full System

This Squid Control Unit is Easy to Use!

Comfort controlled by you
Choose from four pre-programmed settings to enjoy comfortable and effective compression therapy.

Want more or less compression?
Simply press pause, adjust the compression level and resume your treatment.

One pump. All the wraps
Our powerful, portable pump works with any of these wraps and gel packs. Enjoy relief, wherever you need it.


Squid Pump Level 3 Compression

How long does it take to charge the pump?

When first used, charge the pump for 8 hours or overnight. Consecutive charges will require 4-6 hours. The Squid pump will hold sufficient charge to drive 40-50 treatments for Squid Pro and up to 15 uses for Squid Go before recharging. The Squid pump can be used while charging.

Squid Pump Accessories

Along with the Squid Pump comes with the connector tube and the charger. Each individual accessory can be purchased separately. Available for both Squid Pump Go and Professional.

Squid Pump Connector Tube

The Hose connects the Squid Pump to your chosen Squid wrap. 

Squid Connector Tube


Squid Pump Charger 

The charger enables charging for about 4-6 hours of your Squid Pump.

Squid Full System Charger

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